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Are you a Nomad?

Introducing our new range of Fortuitous Novelties handmade folding furniture, – created for people on the move.

As all of us become more nomadic, our inventive furniture responds to this need to continuously adapt ourselves and our belongings to our changing surroundings.

Space saving and portability is the key to this lightweight and transportable furniture that provides a comfortable place to sit and rest, work and play, but then usefully folds flat for storage, – growing and shrinking on demand.

Whilst unashamedly retro, eclectic, funky and timeless; the content and purpose of this furniture is just as important as style. Made by hand in our Leicestershire workshop, these pieces of good design follow in a noble craft tradition where the appearance is utterly pragmatic. The direct and honest structures and linkages give a clear picture of how they are assembled and function. Nothing is hidden, nothing is added or removed; – everything is gained.

These remarkably simple pieces whether used in or out of doors, neatly fulfil the need for elegant solutions that enhance life on the move.

Constructed in Russian Birch Plywood in Clear Wax Finish. Available in Sea Jade/Blaze Red Formica.

NEW. Now available in Sunny Yellow /Arctic White Formica.

Fortuitous Novelties Folding Stools and Tables ©2015

Available now are two versions of the Fortuitous Novelties Stool.

For enquiries please contact

Look out for a developing range of Fortuitous Novelties furniture coming very soon…

Making the most of Summer

There’s nothing quite like an English Summer is there? Not too hot, not too humid or windy and rainy, – the kind of agreeable weather that many other nations must envy. The only snag is it only lasts for what seems like a couple of days. Perhaps this is why we want to make the most of it. So as Summer has almost said farewell and Autumn is in the air, here is our look back at some of the sights from our adventures.

Light my fire….

firelighter 5

I think that perhaps one of the things that makes camping so enjoyable is cooking food over an open fire, I love preparing something tasty and filling for appetites sharpened by a day in the open air. But damp wood, strong winds or cheap charcoal can make the process nigh on impossible and many of us faced with these problems would reach for the firelighters, but over the time I’ve been campfire cooking I’ve come to dislike these smelly, smokey little blocks.

A little research on Google and Pinterest has provided a number of cleaner (and often cheaper) options and the idea of reusing and recycling always appeals. From using pinecones, cotton wool, dryer lint, cardboard and teabags there are loads of ways of giving your fire or Barbecue a kick start without the smell. Brimstones had been doing a little Woodturning in the workshop and I’d unearthed a thick cardboard tube from the depths of the shed so I decided that I’d have a go at making my own.

Here are the results I’m really pleased, they burn well and for a long time too! Continue reading

Bus Stop Over


What a great weekend for Brimstones & Treacle at the Bus Stop Over, this year held at the Newark Showground.  It was our first time trading at a VW festival, and we thought the event had a great vibe and we met some lovely people. So big thanks to the organisers and everyone who stopped by to shop. It was great to catch up with fellow traders and meet some new acquaintances…

BSO 15 was a great show.

Had a brilliant time, loved it! Continue reading

Our Wooden Serving Boards make a welcome gift…

serving board selection

Our Wooden Serving Planks make a welcome gift, as they look and feel good, are comfortable to use and won’t dull knives. Handcrafted in Leicestershire, UK these visually appealing handmade boards are finished using milk paint colours that celebrate the glory of vintage and retro style. Though use and wear these planks will continue to look unique. You can bring an accent to your kitchen by leaving our good solid wooden planks on the countertop. Continue reading

Lazy Camping on the Farm

At last the sun came out, so a spot of lazy camping was called for, – we set out with the simple aim of only eating and sleeping and drinking tea. We visited Forestside Farm that is set in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside providing wonderful views of the Dove Valley and Weaver Hills. We always like to find destinations that are small, clean, friendly and peaceful. Chris and Jan Prince have certainly ensured their campsite ticks all these boxes, the site itself is on a working organic dairy farm and we have had a great time walking around looking at the new calves, – you really do feel like you are in the heart of the countryside. Continue reading

Appealing Camping

fish curry on the table

Whatever happened to camping furniture with an appealing design? This is the question I was asking myself when I was looking at the plethora of industrial aluminium furniture that seems to be the current mainstay of many camping stores. For our bell tent adventures we need furniture that is comfortable, functional, and durable but just as importantly for us it must be elegant and in sympathy with the surroundings of the great outdoors. Continue reading