Are you a Nomad?

Introducing our new range of Fortuitous Novelties handmade folding furniture, – created for people on the move.

As all of us become more nomadic, our inventive furniture responds to this need to continuously adapt ourselves and our belongings to our changing surroundings.

Space saving and portability is the key to this lightweight and transportable furniture that provides a comfortable place to sit and rest, work and play, but then usefully folds flat for storage, – growing and shrinking on demand.

Whilst unashamedly retro, eclectic, funky and timeless; the content and purpose of this furniture is just as important as style. Made by hand in our Leicestershire workshop, these pieces of good design follow in a noble craft tradition where the appearance is utterly pragmatic. The direct and honest structures and linkages give a clear picture of how they are assembled and function. Nothing is hidden, nothing is added or removed; – everything is gained.

These remarkably simple pieces whether used in or out of doors, neatly fulfil the need for elegant solutions that enhance life on the move.

Constructed in Russian Birch Plywood in Clear Wax Finish. Available in Sea Jade/Blaze Red Formica.

NEW. Now available in Sunny Yellow /Arctic White Formica.

Fortuitous Novelties Folding Stools and Tables ©2015

Available now are two versions of the Fortuitous Novelties Stool.

For enquiries please contact

Look out for a developing range of Fortuitous Novelties furniture coming very soon…


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