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Brimstones & Treacle are designer-makers and collectors based in the East Midlands. Our inspiration comes from when we first set up our home and we did what most young couples do and headed out to furnish our space with items from the high street and the Internet. We had a little money, and spent time and effort finding things that we liked to fill our home, but a after a while we began to notice that some of the things we lived with everyday didn’t fulfil their early promise, some things broke easily or didn’t work as well as was hoped, or weren’t the right scale to fit into our little Victorian terrace, and even some times we just plain fell out of love with our purchases or saw something nicer elsewhere. So new things were bought, the old ones given away or donated and again the cycle went on…

We began to see that this endless round of consuming whilst quite fun in the short term wasn’t doing what we wanted it to, – it wasn’t making a home. In fact all this constant spending was the opposite of our thrifty 60s and 70s upbringing; where clothing, leftovers and furniture whirled about the home in a constant flux of being reused and repurposed on a daily basis and anything with any useful ‘life’ left in it never went in the bin. So we looked around our home and saw that the things that we truly loved and valued were the things that had a history, a story, had been made by one of us or had in some way had been adapted to suit our home. What we found most crucial was that our possessions should be useful, beautiful or both and to be brutally honest not many of these things were brand new.

This led us to believe that our ‘home’ should be a warm, liveable place that is alive, a place to please the eye and soothe the senses. So we embarked on our journey of rediscovery, seeing the familiar objects of the 50s, 60s and 70s with renewed appreciation for their simple beauty. We love good design, our collection has grown and the time has come to move some items on to new homes and to share our finds. You can find us in person at our travelling boutique stalls or at our online shop for a truly eclectic mix of British & Scandinavian mid-century modern design, vintage industrial and modern rustic objects, together with our original handmade items that we hope will lend individuality to your home.

Our aim is to celebrate ‘things’ not only for their function and beauty, but also for the skill and care taken in their making and the joy of their use. We enjoy writing our blog, thank you for reading and we appreciate your feedback, please feel free to comment.

Best things from Brimstones & Treacle.


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  1. Hi

    Would you like to be interviewed as part of the Dennis Potter Heritage project? We are looking for those who remember the filming and its impact on the community. If so contact Joanne Garde-Hansen and the University of Gloucestershire – jgardehansen@glos.ac.uk

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