Peak District Adventures

rivendale bell tent

We have been out having adventures in our new bell tent in the Peak District, as we wanted to take the tent on ‘test drive’ for our first time out…

We settled on Rivendale, a campsite that sits on a hillside overlooking Eaton and Alsop Dales. This site offers something for everyone offering pitches for campers, as well as timber yurts and glamping pods. We were looking for something a bit more ‘back to nature’ and for our no frills escapade, we were treated to having the magical experience of pitching in their 10 acre meadow amongst the leafy orchards and wildflowers.


rivendale pond

 We pitched our tent in a beautiful and secluded spot close to one of the ponds, with hundreds of neighbouring trees and an abundance of flora and fauna. 

thistle on campsite

rivendale newt

The first part of our break had extremely hot weather and we were so pleased that we chose the ‘hybrid’ version of the Soulpad tent for our travelling home, as you can see from the first picture, we could raise the sides when we stayed on the campsite, keeping us cool in the breeze whilst under the shade of the canopy during the day.

Venturing offsite we decided to visit the Crich Tramway Village, which is a restored period village and home to the National Tramway Museum.

berlin car

The heart of the village is the street that features period buildings and furniture from all over the country all moved brick by brick from their original location.

red lion stoke

The Red Lion pub was close to our heart as it was rescued from Stoke on Trent, a city that we lived and worked in for many years.

toast rack ride

We paid for our tram rides with a genuine old penny and whiled away the time travelling up and down in the tramcars.

crich tramway tardis

Whilst we were on our journey we noticed that a traveller of a different kind was receiving some TLC!

green man mort

 We alighted at Wakebridge and walked back to the village along the woodland walk, and met this character along the way.

green man

The Green Man of legend is variously portrayed as a benign, paternal or even a menacing figure, but we don’t think this one was too frightening.

Back at the village we spent a long time wandering in the Tram Depot as we were delighted and fascinated by the liveries of the trams and collections of signage on display. It was clear from all the evocative objects how much the world had changed during the heyday of the tram in the hundred years from 1860. We couldn’t stop taking pictures of the wonderful collection, as we noticed all the eras portrayed in each of the significant stages of the evolution of the tramway.

Brimstones tram depot

sea beach

crich tram depot

ring your gong

399 crich

number 40

crich plumstead

number 2 crich

distressed panel crich

linesmen crich

After a full day we were tired out, so stopped off at the café for tea and cake. Sat outside we noticed this classic TVR parked. 

tvr crich

We later found that owners of pre 1973 vehicles can park in the village for free.

All too quickly our first successful trip away in our bell tent was over and we were returning home…


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