hello from brimstones & treacle

We hand-pick vintage designs & hand-craft beautiful, well made functional objects.

We have a long-standing love affair with creativity and good design. With an intelligent eye and an open mind we recognise design is for comfort, for function, and for beauty; mixing the love of home with the joy of food, art and the good things in life.

It’s an absurd world. There is a growing realisation that just spending more time earning more money, to buy more stuff; only gives transient gratification and is not necessarily the route to happiness.

At Brimstones & Treacle we like the idea of not buying from the high street, because we love vintage style and believe if something is good it will endure, decade after decade and the home you end up with becomes your own in a way that buying off the shelf will never yield.

We enjoy getting up early and going out in the cold and rain, searching for great finds because we appreciate their ‘friendly faces’ and the warm feeling that these homely objects create around them. A few vintage pieces give reassurance and ground a home by adding personality and comfort.

We then handcraft a range of sensual, intricate and sentimental designs in direct response to the familiar and to the vintage object and its character. It’s all about selecting something disused and unloved and give it new life, poetically acknowledging its idiosyncratic past.

It is vitally important to get the balance right between the old and the new, and the sourcing and craft treatment of our unique range of originals, counteract the proliferation of mind numbingly similar machine made objects that surround us all in our everyday lives.

Time, skill and care goes into the making of our crafted pieces that we believe make a home more human.

Thank you for reading!


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